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Partial Cash on Delivery

Need cash on delivery? We a have solution!

If you are feeling uncertain regarding our prepaid orders, we have a partial payment method for you. You can pay 10% in advance, as a booking amount and remaining 90% can be paid at the time of delivery. This way it will be easy for both of us, 10% will act as a security amount and help us in reducing the risk of cacellation. 


Question is, why we do not provide full cash on delivery on higher value items?

All ecommerce businesses face the issue of cancellation, which consist of cash on delivery orders mainly. We (Ecommerce company) ship our products to our customers but some of them refuse to take the delivery, which not only causes huge courier loss but also other variable losses and contribute to overall waste collection of our planet. 

In our term, we call those shipments "RTO" (Return to origin), therefore to reduce the risk of cancellation and losses, we have introduced partial payment method, which can provide solution to both buyer as well as seller. 

Our team is always one hand ahead to provide best solution toward every issue our customers is having. We hope, this article might have helped in knowing what and why "Partial COD" method has been introduced.


Our Data

30% of cash on delivery orders are cancelled at the time of delivery.

Average courier loss on every RTO shipment in India is Rs 112.

Other variable loss is somewhere between Rs 10-20. 

Therefore, overall loss per order in case of RTO is somewhere between Rs 122-132.


Video to help you understand RTO/Return issue!


To avail Partial COD, kindly use coupon code "PARTCOD" (Pay 10% in advance and remaining 90% at the time of delivery)